Good News! Your Toothbrush Probably Isn't Covered in Poop After All

This is a picture of a toothbrush. If we had any talent, we'd insert some graphic of poop fumes. But we don't. So please use your imagination.

If you've never heard of "toilet plume" before, get ready to freak out for a second. But don't worry, this is good news . . .

"Toilet plume" is the term for tiny, germ-filled droplets that end up in the air when you flush the toilet. And people have been stressing over it for years because experts said some of that plume can end up on your TOOTHBRUSH. 

But a new study found you probably don't have to worry about it.

Researchers at Northwestern analyzed the bacteria on 34 used toothbrushes. And they did find a lot of bacteria, but not the type you flush.

The vast majority of the microbes they found were the type that lives in your mouth or on your skin, not in your gut.

Some of the bacteria they found ALSO exists in your gut. But they say it's much more likely those particles came from people's mouths than from their toilets.

In other words, flushing probably won't fling fecal matter all over your bathroom. And previous studies have found that even if tiny amounts do get on your toothbrush, it's not a health risk. 


That's the printed story. Hear it spoken by Scott and Sadie here...

Good News! Your Toothbrush Probably Isn't Covered in Poop After All

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