Kids Get Booted From School Because of Mom?! Here's the Debate of the Day!

There's a woman named Crystal Jackson in Sacramento, California. But maybe YOU know her as Mrs. Poindexter on OnlyFans . . . where her nude photos and videos are raking in an insane $150,000-a-month.

Unfortunately, some parents at her kids' school ALSO recently found out about her OnlyFans. Her kids' CATHOLIC school. And those parents lobbied the school to get Crystal's kids kicked out.

And it worked . . . because all three of Crystal's kids were just expelled.

Crystal says she's going to keep posting on OnlyFans . . . which started as her way to spice up her marriage but has now clearly turned into big money.

And she's going to try to get her kids into a different Catholic school, although she's worried that no one's going to let them in. 

(CBS 13 - Sacramento)

Now, wait a minute...

Poindexter's kids got kicked out of school because of something mom did? That ain't right! Or is it?! That's why it's on Scott and Sadie's Debate of the Day...

Now, hear Scott and Sadie debate here...

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