New Job or Old Booty: It's an Issue in Scott and Sadie's Life Court!

Here is a rare, evening addition of Life Court...

I worked with a guy we'll call Mark. He and I were very flirty the entire time we worked together. There was definitely some electricity between us. We did make out once after an after-work happy hour, but only once and we never took it any further.

Well he left the company last year and took a better job at a competing company. We kind of lost touch after that. Out of the blue I get a text from him asking if I'm free to grab a drink. I say yes, but that I have to get up early the next morning so I had an out if things got weird.

We meet and everything between us comes rushing back. He and I just click. We're laughing and having a great time. Then he starts telling me about his new company, that he's in management now, and they've got an opening at the company he thinks I'd be perfect for.

And he's right... after hearing what the position is, it would be more money and a step up in my career. He says he wants me to work for him. I told him I'd have to think about it. My problem is that he would be my manager and I'm afraid all these feelings between us would make things messy. What if the others at his company found out about our past?

Also, I don't know if I could work for him, I loved our chemistry when we worked together but we were peers then and not manager/co-worker. My question for Life Court, should I take the job? I could see us dating... but I also think this job would be great.

Please keep me anonymous.

Juicy. What's your advice for anonymous in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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New Job or Old Booty: It's an Issue in Scott and Sadie's Life Court!

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