Snow Days a Thing of the Past? Scott and Sadie's Debate of the Day

An old picture of us. Scott was so thin. Sadie wound up winning the arm wrestling match.

We did not get much snow here in the north part of the state, but the "Denver cyclone" kicked in and parts of Denver got over a foot of snow yesterday.

It was enough snow to cancel school, at least for the schools attending in person. But if the pandemic has taught us anything it's that we can do things "remotely," including school. So the schools that were attending remotely, students and teachers just kept right on staring at their screens. Some of the schools who had come back to the classroom - rather than calling it a snow day, they called it a "remote learning day."

And as you can imagine, that ticked some people off. Yes, we have the ability to learn remotely, but shouldn't kids get a snow day?!

Why? Why do you call a snow day to begin with? Because roads and conditions are unsafe, right? If you can just flick on the Zoom and do a class that way, well, there is no reason to venture out in the elements. So why do you need a snow day?

People argue about it. Read more HERE.

What do you think?

Here's what Scott and Sadie say...

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