Lady Steals and Paints Her Neighbors Goat All for an Instagram Picture

We've seen people fall off bridges and get attacked by wildlife, among other crazy things, all to get a perfect picture for Instagam... This lady took it to a new extreme though!

On one hand, she is facing some serious criminal charges. But on the other hand, I bet she got at least 15 likes on Instagram. So totally worth it.

There's a 34-year-old woman named Erica Farmer in Gulf Shores, Alabama. And she recently stole her neighbor's GOAT . . . PAINTED it . . . and then took a bunch of photos for social media.

The goat's owner figured out what happened and called the cops. They found the goat at Erica's house.

And now she's looking at a FELONY charge for livestock theft. She's also looking at an animal cruelty charge.

Here are the pictures...

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