Poo on the Hood is Not Good: Here's Scott and Sadie's Life Court

Judge Holding Documents. It's stock footage. But it looks cool for life court.

Here is Tuesday's LIFE COURT...

Scott and Sadie,

I'm a 43-year old mother of one. I divorced two years ago and I have started to get back into the dating scene. I've spoken to my 15-year-old son about me dating and he just rolled his eyes and told me it's okay.

I have met a pretty decent guy and we have been out several times. A couple of weekends ago he came over for dinner and a movie. He ate with my son and me and my son was about as charming as a 15-year-old boy can be.

When he left the house, someone had placed a pile of dog poop on the hood of his car. While disgusting, we just kind of laughed it off as the neighborhood kids playing pranks.

Last weekend, I invited him over again. He brought pizza and we hung out on the couch and watched movies. My son hung out with us for a little bit before he retreated to his room.

When it came time for him to leave he discovered another pile of poo on the hood. So this time we ran back the ring doorbell video - and MY SON is the culprit. I was humiliated. My date was understanding but said that he felt it best that he did not come over until I have a heart to heart with my boy.

So I talked to my son. He admitted that he hated this guy and no one would replace his dad. I know that, but I like the guy. In Life Court, certainly, other people have gone through this. Any advice?



Okay - kindly offer some advice for anonymous in Scott and Sadie's Life Court...

Here's what da people are saying on Facebook.com/ScottandSadie...

Hear Scott and Sadie try the case on the radio here...

Poo on the Hood is Not Good: Here's Scott and Sadie's Life Court

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