Colorado's Front Range Could Get 60 Inches of Snow or More This Week

When we start talking snow in feet in Colorado, it's usually the mountains, but a storm coming later this week could bring snow that needs to be measured in feet from Fort Collins down through Denver and into Colorado Springs.

According to Out There Colorado:

"That's not a typo," wrote Joel Gratz of, as he predicted up to 60 inches of snow to land in Colorado in upcoming days. High-end modeling shows the possibility of even more – and it's likely to land in a spot that doesn't typically get totals over a few inches.
While Monday and Tuesday are set to be mostly dry around the Centennial State, the following days are expected to bring quite a bit of snow to Colorado, favoring the area east of the Continental Divide. While most storms tend to drop higher totals in the mountains to the west of this geographic feature, this storm is expected to favor the mountains of the Front Range extending east, closest to major cities like Denver and Colorado Springs with a chance of big totals in these metro areas.

The National Weather Service is also calling for big snow potential in upcoming days, but they haven't released specific predictions yet.

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