Could we see "Snowmageddon" this weekend?

We should follow the science, right?! A winter storm could drop significant snow on the Front Range this weekend, but it's too soon to say just how much snow we'll get just yet.

March is Colorado's snowiest month of the year, and the weather factors that create those heavy, wet, springtime snows in C-O are in place for this weekend, but it won't be clear just how much we'll get until Wednesday or Thursday.

Some computer models floating around social media today showed the north I-25 area getting three to four feet of snow and the foothills getting four to five feet of snow. Behold this colorful gem...

More legit forecasters say the region could see six to twelve inches of snow - possibly more - but they say it is too soon to accurately predict how the incoming weather system will behave. We've heard it all before - "The system tracked to the north of us. "The system tracked to the south of us." Yada yada.

The storm is developing near Southern California and will move east across southern Colorado, a pattern that is generally a good setup for potentially heavy snow across eastern Colorado.

Most of us remember that storm from March 2003 that really kicked our butts. This one has the same potential.

Regardless of how much we'll get, weather forecasters say we should prepare for a snowy weekend with sloppy roads.

So, how about it? Are you ready for another round of winter?

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