FIVE Random Facts at 5:00 for Tuesday March 9

If we had any graphic skill, we'd custom design a graphic for this segment. But we don't. So here is the best stock image that Getty has to offer.

Here are some random facts for you . . .

1. English is the most common language used on websites by far . . . it's currently around 60%. Russian is second, at 8.3%.

2. The American flag Neil Armstrong planted on the Moon in 1969 was knocked over by the engine blast as soon as they lifted up to leave. Five more U.S. flags have been planted on the Moon since then, and NASA believes all of THEM are still standing.

The only problem is, the flags are now completely white, from getting bleached by the Sun.

3. "Vanilla Sky" is a remake of a Spanish movie called"Open Your Eyes" that was made only four years earlier. And Penelope Cruz plays the same role in both.

4. The average person consumes the equivalent of more than 34 gigabytes of data and information every day.

5. Wifi isn't short for "wireless fidelity." It's actually not short for anything. The people who created it just liked that name because it rhymed with "hi-fi."       

(W3Techs/Gizmodo/Wikipedia/New York Times/BoingBoing)

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FIVE Random Facts at 5:00 for Tuesday March 9

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