How do you tell the kids? Please help in Scott and Sadie's Life Court

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Here is Thursday's LIFE COURT...

Scott and Sadie,

My topic is no fun: I'm getting a divorce. So far it's amicable, we just realized we don't have anything in common anymore except the same house, bills, and kids. Speaking of the kids we haven't told them yet. In fact, the kids are one of the reasons we've stayed together about 5 years longer than we probably should have.

We have 2 boys 9 and 12 and a girl who's 7. How in the world do you sit them down and tell them? Everyone tells me "oh they already know. They can sense something." Okay maybe that's true, but I know my kids pretty well and I think they're clueless about it. My husband and I don't fight, we don't argue, we just don't care. My kids don't have a happy marriage to compare it to so they have no idea. I don't think.

So it'll come as a big shock. So what do you do? The cliche' "sit them down and have a talk?" And then what? Take them to Culver's? Watch dad pack his stuff and move out? Cry? Act like it never happened? Regret hurting them and tell them you won't do it when they start crying?

I looked online and 5 different experts give five different opinions. So what do your listeners think in Life Court?



Tough one. What's your advice for Jenny in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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