A Dude Sat in a Tub of Bean Dip to Promote a Restaurant

Do you have a food you love so much that you'd bathe in it? For me it would be instant vanilla pudding for sure... I LOVE that stuff.

I bring this up because a California stuntman, Hunter Ray Barker, spent 24 hours sitting in a pool of bean dip to promote a Los Angeles-area restaurant.

Los Toros Mexican Restaurant suffered big losses from the COVID-19 pandemic. His goal was to bring people in the community together for a great cause.

Baker's 24-hour tenure in the pool coincided with a block party at the eatery, which featured the stuntman receiving a tattoo of the restaurant's logo while sitting in the dip. That's dedication!

Barker's stunt brought a crowd to his favorite restaurant!

"If we can get more attention and turn a few more people into lifelong customers, that's what I love about it, too."

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