Southern Colorado's BIGGEST Easter Egg Hunt Can Win You Huge Prizes

We thought about having a "normal" old Easter Egg hunt where if you're lucky, you might find three or four eggs and end up with a dollar store toy and a few fun sized candy bars, but we wanted you to win bigger... Much BIGGER!

So we teamed up with Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson for something way cooler. We are only hiding one egg, but that one egg is your ticket to huge prizes!

Whoever finds the egg hidden somewhere around Southern Colorado will win:

  • $500 of your Amazon Wishlist taken care of (provided by Mercury Nashville)
  • Chris Lane signed guitar (provided by Big Loud)
  • Jake Owen sign vinyl (provided by Big Loud)
  • Hardy signed "Hixtape" cap (provided by Big Loud)
  • Larry Fleet signed hat (provided by Big Loud)
  • $50 Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson gift card

We are hiding the egg somewhere between Monument and Pueblo on March 22nd. Everyday we will have clues to help you find the egg, but they're only going to be on our Instagram page, so follow us now! And good luck egg hunting!

Please keep in mind COVID-19 social distancing and wear a mask while searching when appropriate. Thank you!

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