Should a server seek the drama? Scott and Sadie's Life Court

Not a real judge, not real paper.

Here's the mid-week Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

Do I seek out the drama with this one? A guy literally left me his name and number IN FRONT of his girlfriend and I want to know if I should tell her or not.

You see, I'm a server and this guy comes in a lot. He's been in several times over the past few weeks with this new girl. I can tell she's his girlfriend by the way they act. Well, last weekend when they're in, I wait on them, nothing out of the ordinary happens during dinner, I give them the check, thank them for coming in, and grab their check while they're still talking.

On the check, he not only left me a crappy tip on an $80 check, but he wrote his name and phone number... with a smiley face and a 'call me!' I couldn't believe he would hit on me right in front of his date! So part of me wants to take the high road, forget it happened, and mind my own business.

But the other part wants to dive into this drama and tell his girlfriend the next time they're in! I've been hit on before at work, but for some reason, this really bothers me.

So, In Life Court, what would you do? Forget it or seek the draaaamaaaa??



Okay, then. What's your advice for Anonymous in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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