Dad Bods Aren't Just In, They're Now the Most Attractive Body Type

Dad bods have been "in" for awhile now, but they are like really in now...

According to a new poll, flabby "dad bods" are now the MOST attractive body type. polled its members. And three out of four said they're a fan of the dad bod look . . . meaning not TOO big, but not exactly "in shape" either.

It's not clear if that also extends to women . . . or "mom bods" . . . but only 15% of people overall said they prefer a more chiseled look.

45% of single people with dad bods are proud enough to brag about it on dating apps.

And around one in five said body type doesn't really matter to them. Personality matters more.

That said, 70% of single people have started working out again to get in shape for summer. But a huge chunk of people who've joined a gym this year admit they haven't gone yet.

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