Remember the Server and the Regular? Here's a Life Court follow-up!

Fake Life Court Judge. Real Life Court drama.

Here is LIFE COURT for Monday...

Scott and Sadie,

I was on Life Court last week about the guy hitting on me in the restaurant when his girlfriend was right there. Well, HE CAME BACK IN!!!

I couldn't believe it! He and his girlfriend came in Saturday night and I insisted they be seated in my section - Yes, I heard all of your listener's responses and read all the Facebook comments and up until this point I wasn't sure what I was going to do if I saw them again. (Read that case from last week HERE.) Do I confront this guy who clearly was hitting on me last time in front of his girlfriend, or do I ignore it as if nothing happened?

I told my manager about the situation because I certainly didn't want him or his girlfriend to falsely accuse me of something trying to get me fired. Well once they sat down I went up to take their drink order and his girlfriend excuses herself to use the restroom. That's when he asked me if I got his note?

I told him that I didn't think it was appropriate or respectful for him to do that with his girlfriend there. He then actually told me it wasn't his girlfriend, but his sister!! I wasn't buying any of this, so I went to the area where the restrooms are as she was coming out and told her that I got her drink order, but did she know her brother's order because I had forgotten it.

She looked at me puzzled and confirmed what I already knew! She said, "brother? he's my boyfriend." So I just told her that was confusing because he had given me his number the last time you were in and that he just told me today that you're his sister. She broke down crying, so I told her I would grab her purse if she wanted from the table and bring it back to her. She thanked me, I grabbed the purse telling this guy that his sister needed it.

I gave it to her and she asked if she could wait in the kitchen while she got an Uber. I was happy to help her and I played it cool and brought the drinks out to the table. He waited there for another 30 minutes before getting up and leaving.

Of course, now I feel bad. If this guy ever comes back in, should I fess up and tell him what happened or should I take the secret to my grave?



Wow, we've never had a Life Court follow-up! What's your advice for anonymous in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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