The Ten States That Drink the Most Wine

We like wine. Whine, wine, whine.

This isn't a list of states that drink the most. Just the ones where people's teeth are the most likely to be stained red after they do . . .

A study ranked all 50 states according to which ones drink the most WINE.

According to the stats, the national average is just under 14 bottles of wine a year. But some states drink more than TWICE that much.

In first place is Idaho at just under 38 bottles a year per person. That's around 190 glasses of wine, or 3 to 4 glasses a week. But that includes a lot of people who don't drink at all. So wine drinkers there REALLY get after it.

The ten states that drink the most wine per capita are: Idaho . . . New Hampshire . . . Vermont . . . Delaware . . . Massachusetts . . . California . . . Connecticut . . . Nevada . . . Rhode Island . . . and Hawaii.

West Virginia drinks the least amount of wine at just 3.6 bottles a year, followed by Kansas, Mississippi, Utah, and Oklahoma.

It also found that Cabernet is the most popular type of wine in 43 states. Pinot Noir is first in Oregon, Wyoming, Alabama, and Kentucky. And Rosé is #1 in Maine, Maryland, and Utah. 


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The Ten States That Drink the Most Wine

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