The 'What Are We' Convo - should it be had? You decide in Life Court

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Here is Tuesday's LIFE COURT...

Scott and Sadie,

I'm very torn in making a decision and maybe your listeners can help me in Life Court. I have been seeing my S/O for 10 months now. We've never had that "what are we" conversation. This is my first "real world" relationship outside of high school and I'm terrified of coming off too strong or demanding.

In my head, I would consider us dating but we've never actually talked about it. We are exclusive and we've done everything that you normally would do in a relationship (go on dates, do the 'things', spend lots of time with each other). At one point I basically lived with him for about two months.

I haven't brought up the topic of "what are we" because I'm scared of the answer honestly. If we aren't on the same page about things, I would rather be where I am at right now without knowing. Nothing seems to be broken and I think we are comfortable so why fix it? I have this fear that maybe he doesn't see things as serious as I see them. BUT there is that curious voice in the back of my head wondering how he sees things.

We work together and he is at a higher level than me so dating is looked down upon. At work, we are mature about everything and basically act like we don't know each other, maybe an occasional wave. I don't think he would be comfortable disclosing with the company that we are seeing each other which I can respect.

Almost all of my friends are my coworkers. I've told a few close friends that we are seeing each other and he has told a few people that we are "talking" but it's been 10 months. Am I crazy for wanting to ask what we are?



Be nice. What's your advice for anonymous in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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