The Exact Numbers of Good Friends, Great Friends, and Acquaintances We Need

There really IS such a thing as being too popular. So that's NOT just a lie you had to tell yourself to feel better in seventh grade.

A behavioral psychologist in the U.K. named Robin Dunbar just shared some new research into how many friends we all actually NEED. And he says we definitely need some . . . but we don't have the emotional capacity or energy to handle too many.

Here are the EXACT numbers you need, according to what he's found . . .

1. You need five best friends . . . that's someone who'd give you a kidney.

2. You need 12 to 15 supportive friends . . . those are people who'd be really upset if you died.

3. You need 50 good friends . . . those are people you'd invite to a big birthday party, but maybe not a small dinner party.

4. And you need 150 regular friends . . . those are people you're happy to see at weddings or reunions but don't keep in touch with all the time.

He also says the best number of people for a dinner party is six . . . the best number for a vacation is eight . . . and the best number for a book club is 10. 

(Daily Mail)

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