Are You Worried People Will Judge You When...

We're a year into this pandemic, and having to cough or sneeze in public is a little more STRESSFUL now. According to a new survey, 56% of us feel like we're JUDGED when we sneeze or cough in public due to the pandemic. And that's especially bad with allergy season upon us. 

Here are the top things we think when we have to sneeze or cough in public during Covid . . .

1. "Great, now people think I'm sick."

2. "Oh no, I hope they don't think I'm sick."

3. "I promise I'm not sick."

4. "Hold it in!"

5. "I hope I don't have snot in my mask."

6. "It's just allergies, I swear."

7. "Where's my hand sanitizer?"

The survey also found that 55% of people feel some amount of panic when the urge to sneeze comes on in public . . . and 46% of us are absolutely DREADING allergy season this year because of the pandemic.


Hear Scott and Sadie's take on the story here...

Are You Worried People Will Judge You When...

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