How to Get Tickets to the All Star Game at Coors Field

Now that it's official that Major League Baseball's All Star Game is coming to Coors Field for the first time in 23 years, fans, like myself, are wondering how they are going to get tickets.

First, I tell you the good news... Currently, only a limited number of fans can attend Rockies games, but Colorado Governor Jared Polis said Tuesday they expect a "sold out" game in July because by then, anyone who wants a COVID-19 vaccination will have been able to get one. So that means all 50,398 tickets should be available.

Now the bad news... Unless you are a current season ticket holder, or a corporate sponsor, you likely won't just fall into tickets. Chances are everyone else will be forced to use a secondary ticketing site, such as Stubhub, and average prices in years past were over $500 per ticket, and that's for the cheap seats. Oh, and if you're thinking about maybe taking in the Home Run Derby instead, those tickets usually sell for more than the game itself.

Officially there has been no word on who will get access to tickets, or how they'll be sold, but based on the past you'll need a little luck and/or some deep pockets.

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