A Homeless Guy Posed as a USC Football Player for Several Days...

USC is a hard school to get into . . . unless you know LORI LOUGHLIN. . . or are a random homeless guy.

A couple weeks ago, a homeless man was arrestedafter posing as a USC football player. He managed to fool everyone for "several days," and he wasn't hiding in the background. 

He ate meals with the team . . . he shared a jacuzzi with some of the players . . . he threw on a helmet, jersey, and cleats in the locker room . . . and fielded punts during practice. (???) 

The school says that access to the team's practice facility is "very restricted," but apparently this guy didn't have a problem slipping in.

A "security source" says that the man "slept for some time at a suite in the Coliseum." Which is wild because the stadium is a SEPARATE building than the practice facility where he was doing drills with the team.

He eventually got caught because he wasn't great at fielding punts. He was so impressive at everything else that he might STILL be embedded with the team if he had Division 1-level football skills.

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