Nike is Going to Start Selling Used, Refurbished Shoes

Nike's announced that it's launching a program that will sell refurbished shoes at cheaper prices. The company will start selling sneakers from its Refurbished Footwear line in 15 U.S. stores by the end of this month.

Nike said it will clean up gently worn, like-new or slightly imperfect sneakers that have been returned by customers and then resell them "at a value".

Got some Nike brand kicks you want to unload? Your shoes could qualify for this refurbishment program; you just need to return them to a participating Nike store within 60 days of buying them.

This is good news for those on a budget, because have you seen Nike's prices lately? Still, I am going to pass personally... Wearing some other dude's shoes, no matter how many times they've been washed is like wearing another dude's undies. I won't do that, and I am not doing this either.

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