Mom ignores him. A tough one in Scott and Sadie's Life Court

Here is Friday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

My ex-wife, my son's mother, moved out a few years back and settled up in Rapid City. We did halfway trips in the beginning so they could maintain a relationship, and I have even driven the whole way a few times to help with that.

Over the last two years, her interest has diminished, and they haven't seen each other at all. I've offered the halfway trip, even offered my couch if she came the entire way, especially around holidays. She hasn't taken me up on it.

Our son is now entering his teens, and I bought him a cellphone. She has his number, but doesn't call or text. She even missed his birthday. My problem is, he has started to recognize her lack of interest, and I can tell it hurts. I thought about changing his number and cutting her off altogether, like yanking off a bandage, but I don't know what's best.

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Mom ignores him. A tough one in Scott and Sadie's Life Court

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