Plant-Based SPAM is Coming

The big U.S. names in the plant-based meat arena have been Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, but there’s a new vegan brand, OmniPork, that’s bringing a plant-based SPAM and pork substitute to our stores this month.

OmniPork is a combination of pea, non-GMO soy, rice and shiitake mushrooms and comes in a couple varieties (so far).

  • Luncheon is their version of vegan SPAM
  • Strip, a plant-based ground meat.

They claim that they only use 68% of the energy to produce regular pork and their products have calcium, fiber and iron as nutritional benefits. They also say that OmniPork is a way to get the textures and flavors of pork while eating a diet that is more sustainable.

OmniPork is set for release on Earth Day (aka April 22nd). It’ll hit the men in eight restaurants in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu. After that, you can expect it to hit stores this summer.

That's a no from me, dog!

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