Baristas Reveal The Weirdest Drinks They’ve Made

Few people at Starbucks order just a tall black coffee, and while baristas are used to people customizing their drinks, some folks take that option a bit too far.

Well, someone on Reddit, recently posed the question, "Baristas, what is the weirdest/grossest drink you've seen someone order?,” and they were more than happy to share.

Some of the strangest include:

  • "I once made a woman a small latte. All fine. But then she proceeded to take her latte and pour three packets of mayonnaise in it and then drank it all."
  • "Two years ago, a lady wanted a latte with Splenda. However, she didn’t actually want Splenda in the latte. She wanted me to open the packet near her latte so that she could get only a 'hint' of Splenda."
  • "Water with whipped cream on top."
  • "Hands down, it’s the 'Americola.' It’s gross enough as two shots of espresso served over an iced Coca-Cola. Only, this monster ordered it hot. The barista had to explain we cannot steam sodas."
  • "A mocha Frappuccino with Coke, Sprite, and strawberry syrup added. When informed we were out of strawberry, they settled for grape as a substitute."
  • "I once had a college girl order an iced latte 'but, like, with no coffee.' I explained what that would be, and she said that was okay. The girl happily paid $4 for a 16-ounce cup of milk and ice."
  • "Coffee with 23.5 Splendas. Not 23, not 24, but 23.5 Splendas exactly."
  • "I think my least favorite so far is when someone just orders water and then proceeds to dump all of our half-and-half and miscellaneous toppings and sweeteners onto it to create some sort of watered-down disaster."
  • I had a guy hand me his own mug, and I sh*t you not — he ordered a vanilla latte with 12 shots of espresso. His drink was like $21 and mostly just espresso with a little milk and syrup. He also told me he’d been trying to cut down on caffeine lately."

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