Does Wearing Nicer Clothes Make You More Productive at Work?

Work clothes were already getting more casual before the pandemic. And now I'm pretty sure everyone's going to go full-on mutiny if they can't wear flip-flops and sweatpants to the office five days a week.

But is there an actual REASON for wearing things like suits . . . or at least business casual stuff . . . to work?

A new survey asked people if wearing nicer clothes makes them more productive than wearing casual clothes.

And 31% of people actually admitted that yeah, they do better work when they're more dressed up. 50% of people say their clothes don't affect their productivity, and the rest aren't sure.

For what it's worth, women say their clothes have a bigger impact on their work than men. 36% of women say dressing in more formal clothes makes them more productive, versus 25% of men. 


Hear Scott and Sadie's take on the story here...

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