Eateries Offering 4/20 Deals in Colorado

In nearly every study I've seen, Colorado is at, or near the top of the states most "4/20" friendly. So today is a big day for many in our state!

If you are looking for a way to satisfy your munchies, some restaurants are offering "4/20 deals."

Shake Shack (Postmates): All customers who place an order for the 4/20 Double SMOKEShack on Postmates will get $4 off orders of $20 or more by using the code ACTION

Insomnia Cookies: Free classic cookie with delivery order or 2 deluxe cookies for $4.20.

Cheba Hut: Nug served on 2021 Disc for $4.20

Jack in the Box: When you order through the app, you will get 20% off your purchase

Smashburger: Buy One, Get One Scorchin’ Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Snarf’s Sandwiches: $1 brownie with any purchase

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