Hair removal as a gift? You decide in Life Court.

Here is LIFE COURT...

Scott and Sadie,

I'd love to get on Life Court with this one. My girlfriend and I have been together for about 3 years now. She's absolutely perfect except for one thing: she's super hairy. I mean everywhere. Sideburns, lip hair, belly hair, and even inner thigh hair.

When we were first dating she was pretty good about hiding it and keeping it well-groomed, but now that we've gotten comfortable in the relationship, it seems like it's no longer a priority to her. It's much more noticeable now, and I sometimes have to drop not-so-subtle hints to motivate her to clean it up, which embarrasses her of course, and causes tension. I know she can't help her genes, but...damn.

My question is, we have an anniversary coming up, and I was thinking of getting her the full treatment at the laser hair removal spa. Would that be in bad taste? Is laser hair removal a bad gift for a woman?

Love the show! Can't wait to hear what Life Court has to say about this one.

I'm a coward, so please keep me anonymous.

Okay - run for the hills! Tell us what you think in Scott and Sadie's Life Court.

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Hair removal as a gift? You decide in Life Court.

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