THE LIST: The Ten Snobbiest States in America

We don't know how fair or scientific this was. But a new study found that the Northeast is full of people who think they're BETTER than us . . .

Someone ranked the SNOBBIEST states in America by looking at graduation rates . . . how many people got their degree in the arts or humanities . . . how many top-tier universities there are in general . . . and how much WINE people drink. And according to the results, seven of the Top 10 are in the Northeast . . .

1. Massachusetts.

2. Vermont.

3. Connecticut.

4. New York.

5. New Hampshire.

6. Rhode Island.

7. California.

8. Oregon.

9. Maine.

10. Virginia. 

At the other end of the list, the least snobby . . . or most humble . . . states in America are: West Virginia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Alabama. 


(Here's a mapwith rankings for all 50 states.)

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THE LIST: The Ten Snobbiest States in America

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