Kick the kid out? You decide in today's Life Court

Here is the final Life Court of the week...

Scott and Sadie,

Long story short I'm the legal guardian of my nephew and have been since middle school. My husband and I got him through school and put him in college. He flunked out of college his 2nd year there.

I gave him 2 weeks to figure out what he wanted to do next. He found himself a good job with an electrical company. They put him in school and he just finished his first of four years of school to become an electrician. He pays bills at home.

In Life Court, here's my question: Am I hurting him more than helping him by letting him live with us versus pushing him out to a world? My husband thinks that he blew his chance when is flunked out of school and that he needs to get out and find his own place

I think if we are able to help why not help until he finishes more of the school and can afford his own place. Is there a compromise? Please help in Life Court!



Okay - what's your advice for anonymous in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

Here's what the judgemental are saying on social media...

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