SCIENCE: Just How Many Surfaces Does Your Cat's Butt Touch?

When your cat is walking around the house with their tail up, you can't help but notice their . . . um . . . cat hole pointing right at you. And do you ever wonder JUST how many parts of your house your cat is touching with its butt?

There's a sixth-grader in Tennessee named Kaeden Griffin who decided to do God's work . . . and tackle that question for his science fair project.

His project is called "Does your cat's butthole really touch all the surfaces in your home?"

He ran his experiment by putting a non-toxic lipstick on his cats' anuses . . . and then keeping track of where that lipstick showed up around the house. And the results are:

1. Cats with long and medium hair didn't make any contact with hard or soft surfaces.

2. Cats with short hair didn't make contact with hard surfaces . . . but there were smears of lipstick on soft surfaces like the bed.

So the good news is: Your cat ISN'T dragging their butt all over your house. But if you have a short-haired cat . . . well, maybe not everything is safe. 


(Here's a pictureof the kid with his project.)

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SCIENCE: Just How Many Surfaces Does Your Cat's Butt Touch?

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