THE LIST: The Top 8 Red Flags Someone is a Bad Friend

What's a red flag that someone you're friends with will never be a REALLY good friend, or could even be toxic? Here are a few answers we've seen . . .

1. They treat you differently when you're in a group. They might seem nice and supportive when you're alone. But not so much when other friends are around.

2. When it feels like you're constantly helping them or going out of your way. Friends do that for each other SOMETIMES. But it can't be one-sided.

3. They always try to one-up you. It's a sign they only want the focus to be on them.

4. They ONLY support you and never challenge you. Really good friends are blunt and honest when they need to be, which builds trust.

5. It feels like you're a back-up friend. Signs include last-minute invites, or ditching you because they found something else they'd rather do.

6. You only do stuff THEY want to do. They should want to do stuff you suggest too.

7. You feel nervous you'll say the wrong thing around them. In other words, you're not yourself. True friends make you feel relaxed, not on edge.

8. They gossip a lot about other people. If they do it all the time, there's a pretty good chance they're talking about you behind your back too. 


Hear Scott and Sadie expertly deliver THE LIST here...

THE LIST: The Top 8 Red Flags Someone is a Bad Friend

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