Marijuana-Themed Colorado License Plates Generate Over $45,000

There are two types of people when it comes to license plates... People like me, who don't know a single or number or letter in theirs, and really don't care, and then those who want theirs to say something specific.

Well people who wanted theirs to say something specifically about marijuana paid up in Colorado!

According to the Denver Post:

The Colorado Disability Funding Committee conducted an auction of stoner plates to raise some money. The auction ended April 20, generating $45,410. Those dollars are going toward the funding of disability application assistance and new and innovative ideas for improving quality of life and independence for people with disabilities.
The auctioned plate that went for the most money was “ISIT420,” with the winning bid being $6,630. “TEGRIDY” went for $4,930 after 151 bids, “BONG” $3,890 and “GREEN” another $3,510.” You could have scored “STASH” for $1,860.

So in other words, there are people in Colorado driving around with license plates worth more than my entire truck!

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