THE LIST: The Ten Jobs That Makes the Most in Tips

If you're sick of only getting paid every two weeks, the jobs website Zippia posted a list of the ten jobs that make the most TIPS. You can probably guess what #1 is. But here are all ten . . .

1. Servers. Tips are still how they make most of their money.

2. Food delivery drivers. There are a ton of jobs now because of COVID.

3. Babysitters and nannies. A lot of people tip on top of their hourly.

4. Uber and Lyft drivers. And obviously, taxi drivers still exist in some spots.

5. Bartenders. The general rule is $1 per drink or 20% of your total tab.

6. Doormen. They can make a lot around the holidays.

7. Golf caddies. They can get $50 per player. Or more if it's a really nice course.

8. DJs at parties. For song requests, especially if they put a tip jar out.

9. Hotel employees. Remember what hotels are? It's been a while.

10. Hairdressers and beauticians. Most people tack on a decent tip. 


Hear Scott and Sadie deliver THE LIST here...

THE LIST: The Ten Jobs That Makes the Most in Tips

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