THE LIST: The Top 10 Middle-Aged Things Millenials Are Saying...

Millennials definitely aren't kids anymore. Some of them are turning 40 now. But they're not THRILLED about heading into that next stage of life.

There's a discussion on Reddit right now where Millennials are sharing the, quote, "most middle-aged thing" they recently caught themselves saying. Here are some of the most popular answers . . .

1. "Calling a 21-year-old guy a 'kid.'"

2. "They just don't make 'em like they used to" about good wood dressers.

3. "Had a riveting conversation with some friends about the best office chairs for lumbar support."

4. "I haven't had a drink in six months, maybe? I'm not sober or anything, it's just that alcohol makes me sleepy."

5. "At Home Depot, I said, 'Oh yeah, that's some good lumber.'"

6. "You want to go out for dinner? I can't, I have chicken in the fridge that I have to cook before it goes bad."

7. "I can't have caffeine or I'll never get to sleep . . . and I said that at 1:00 P.M."

8. "I was venting to a coworker about the noisy people living next to me and I actually said the words, 'Damn teenagers and their Bluetooth machines.'" 


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