Colorado Guy Tried to Microwave a Fire Extinguisher

People do crazy things all the time, so nothing is really that surprising anymore... Until someone decides to microwave a fire extinguisher!

According to WIVB:

A man accused of trying to take snacks from a Colorado hotel was arrested after allegedly swinging a horseshoe at an employee, damaging property and trying to microwave a fire extinguisher, according to the Pueblo Police Department.
An employee at the hotel said a man came in and tried to take snacks that were sitting out. The employee said after the man was asked to pay for the snacks, the man took out a horseshoe and started swinging it at the employee, hitting him in the head.
Police said the man then threw a piece of rebar at the employee and took off into the hotel, losing his shoes along the way.
After that, police said, the man pulled a fire alarm and ended up in the kitchen, where he damaged some property and tried to microwave a fire extinguisher.
Police said other officers arrived to assist, and the man was found after he allegedly broke a glass door.
The suspect, who has not been identified, was taken into custody and is facing multiple charges.

Pretty sure I have heard it all now...

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