Man Sprays 'Bear Repellant' on Wife to Keep Bears Away... Not How It Works

The bears are coming out of hibernation in Colorado, but do not do this if you fear you may come into contact with one...

Recently, the manager at a sporting goods store had to deal with an irate customer because of what he claimed was a “defective” product. The product in question was bear spray. For those who don’t know, bear spray is a “high-test pepper solution” that, when used properly, will protect people from curious and/or aggressive bears. Using it properly means you spray it at the bear when you feel threatened.

Using it incorrectly? That’s when you spray it all over your wife thinking it’s supposed to be used like mosquito repellant…sending her to the hospital after it got all over her skin, hair, and eyes.

Helpful hint: read the instructions on the can, for future reference…those always help.

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