A 23-Ton Rocket Will Crash Into Earth Soon, and No One Knows Where

I hate bad news, and I am certainly not trying to scare you, but this is fascinating, and kind of spooky at the same time...

China pulled off a successful launch of the first module of what will eventually be the first “permanent Chinese space station” last week. There’s an issue, though. The Long March 5B rocket that the module detached from is not under any kind of control…and it’s expected to crash back into Earth…somewhere.

Weighing over 23 tons, is expected to fall “in the coming days” and experts say predicting where it’ll land is “impossible.” Currently, the rocket is said to be making a full circle around the planet every 90 seconds.

The smart money says it’ll hit an ocean when it comes down, but it might be wise to keep an eye to the sky just in case. And be ready to run.

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