GOOD VIBES - Restaurant’s 'Receipt Wall' Lets Diners Help Feed Hungry

Every weekday Shawn Patrick sheds some light on some good news with His Good Vibes Story. Here is today's...

People in need in one Oklahoma town don’t have to go hungry, thanks to the generosity of their community. Several restaurants in Miami [[my-AM-uh]] have put up giving walls or receipt walls, where customers can pre-pay for meals and then anyone in need can come by and get a free meal, no questions asked.

Jennifer White, owner of the gourmet hot dog spot The Dawg House, was the first to put up a giving wall in her restaurant and it’s been a big success. She says within eight hours, she had a wall full of meal receipts. Since then, her customers have provided more than 600 meals to those who are homeless or just facing hard times. “And we only have eight tables in our restaurant,” White says, “so that says a lot about how amazing our community is.”

Some of those who have been the recipients of a meal have even come back to repay the kindness by adding a receipt of their own. White says some of her regulars purchase 10 to 50 giveaway meals at a time. One of her donors is Derrick Hayworth, who says, “It’s the whole community behind it. It was just meant to happen.”

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