Seven in 10 People Think the Pandemic Has Made Them Smarter

I've been binge-watching bad TV for a year. And you're telling me other people have actually been LEARNING stuff? Seven in 10 Americans say they've read more and learned more during the pandemic, and feel smarter because of it.

The poll looked at various ways we've changed. Here are a few more quick stats . . .

1. 86% of us feel the pandemic has changed our personality in one way or another.

2. 38% feel more open to trying new things. And seven in 10 have added a "trendy" hobby. The top "cool" hobbies we've added include at-home workouts, baking bread, and making TikTok videos.

3. 30% said they've Marie Kondo'd and gotten rid of stuff during the pandemic. But 32% have gone the other way and now have MORE junk than they did before.

4. 27% of us have changed our relationship status. Twice as many people have gotten divorced than married. And only one in five break-ups happened in person.

5. Around one in seven people feel closer to their friends, but one in three said more distant. And half of us haven't made a NEW friend in over a year.

6. Almost everyone is amped to do something they had to stop doing because of Covid. 96% of us are planning an activity we haven't been able to do in a year. The most common ones are indoor dining, traveling, and going to concerts again. 


Hear Scott and Sadie's take on the comment here...

Seven in 10 People Think the Pandemic Has Made Them Smarter

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