Quit Hoarding Gas - Didn't Y'all Learn From the Toilet Paper Incident?

Does anyone remember what happened when people freaked out and hoarded all the toilet paper about a year ago? It caused some of us to have to wipe with leaves, and it wasn't cool. Clearly though, people didn't learn as today they were hoarding gasoline!

I personally saw a woman filling up one of those plastic storage tubs today...

People who are panicked about the Colonial Pipeline's recent hack and outage are "creating the shortage out of fear", according to a AAA rep Mark Jenkins.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm wants you to know that there is no gasoline shortage but a supply issue due to people panicking at the pump. Granholm put it bluntly Tuesday, saying "Americans hoarding gasoline are running the system dry, a system that won’t be able to fully replenish retail stations for perhaps weeks."

The hoarding and panic have caused gas prices to jump, too. Even as Colonial Pipeline reports plans to have their lines completely restored by this weekend, it can take up to 15 days for prices to recover from the fuel craze.

In other words, KNOCK OFF THE HOARDING!!!!

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