Researchers Have Developed a Bacteria to Get Rid of Dogs' Bad Breath

Hungry Dog Is Liking Lips

I've got a stinky English bulldog... If it isn't coming from his body or backside, the smells from his mouth will cause you to naturally social distance from him. So, this is great news!

A team at the University of Arizona have developed a cure for bad breath in dogs Bacteria were modified to emit pleasant smells like pears and mint. The bacteria not only eliminated the foul breath, but also release a pleasant smell for dog owners. Scientists say the new bacteria strand is harmless and lasts up to two hours. They are improving the duration efficacy of the product up to eight or 12 hours. The bacteria strand will be added to treats and dog food for easy consumption.

Now hopefully they prove that this is safe for humans too, because I know a few who could use it!

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