Advice about a bad co-worker, please, on Scott and Sadie's Life Court.

Here is Wednesday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

My office just went through a remodel. They got rid of the old-school, high-walled cubicles that gave us privacy - almost like an office. They went with the new, "open-concept" office, where we are grouped in "pods" of four, and our desks all face each other. Management thinks it creates a "collaborative environment conducive for the open exchange of ideas."

That's nice, but I am going to kill the kid that sits across from me.

The first thing he does when he gets to the office is take off his shoes so he can sit "criss-cross-applsauce" on his chair. His feet stink. He has those green flossers and he is constantly picking at his teeth and he just leaves the used flossers on his desk. He pops his knuckles. A lot. He's a loud phone talker, especially during the 6-8 conversations a day he has with his "bae" where the baby talk flies for 10-minutes each call. He drums on his desk and keyboard with pens and pencils.

I've spoken to him about it. He just says that it's the way he works and lives his life and I don't have to pay attention to him.

I think it is distracting. I can't get anything done. So I spoke to him again. I think he intensified the behaviors just to annoy me. So I went to HR. They said that management is committed to this new style of "collaborative work" and that I should try talking to my coworker about his habits.

I HAVE! I'm at my wit's end. I would appreciate suggestions in Life Court.



Okay, what's your advice for Tammy in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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Advice about a bad co-worker, please, on Scott and Sadie's Life Court.

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