Airlines Could Start Weighing People At The Gate

Group of people in queue at boarding gate

I needed a little motivation to lose a few pounds...

Being called to the side for an “additional security screening” is aggravating, but a potential new part of the boarding process for airlines could cause blood pressure to rise even more for some. That's because the FAA is considering weighing passengers before they board a flight to make sure the plane isn’t overloaded. And yes, it's mainly due to the increase in obesity in America.

The last data reported by the CDC says the obesity rate in the United States is roughly 42.4% - that was as of 2018...and the FAA says their weight estimates are outdated. The newest average weight estimates for passengers:

  • 190 pounds in the summer, and 195 pounds in the winter.
  • Broken down by gender, the estimates are 179 pounds in the summer and 184 pounds in the winter for women, and 200 pounds in the summer, and 205 pounds in the winter for men.

It’s already increased 12% over the last estimates, and the FAA says the airlines need to check their estimates at least every three years. The good news? According to the guidelines, any passenger can decline to be weighed. No word on when this could go into effect, but don’t be surprised to be asked to step on a scale while boarding a plane in the near future.

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