SURVEY: We Plan to Spend an Extra Week Outside to Make Up for Last Summer

Believe it or not, there actually WAS a summer outside last year . . . even though we were all inside, eating cans of soup we've had for years, taking work calls over Zoom, and watching "Judge Judy" in the background.

So naturally, we're looking to ramp things up this summer to make up for lost time.

According to a new poll, 75% of people plan on being "more active" this summer than ever before. Some of the activities people are most looking forward to including swimming, walking or running, playing a group sport, and cycling.

On average, we plan on spending a FULL EXTRA WEEK outside this summer compared to last year.

And 72% said they want this summer to feel as close as possible to a normal, pre-pandemic summer. (We don't know anyone who DOESN'T want to get back to pre-pandemic summers . . . so I'm curious what the other 28% are thinking.)


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