THE LIST: The Top 5 Things That Make You a "Sophisticated" Adult

Would you think I'm classy if I told you I discussed low-yield bonds with a stranger at a museum last weekend? What if I said I stayed home and ate pizza in my underwear? Less classy?

Someone asked 2,000 Americans to name the top things that make someone seem like a sophisticated adult. Here are the top five . . .

1. Having an opinion on the stock market. 38% said it shows you're sophisticated.

2. Being able to discuss different types of wine, or things like scotch, 35%.

3. Wearing expensive clothes, 33%.

4. Going to museums, 31%.

5. Being able to discuss current events, 31%.

The poll also found we start to appreciate the "finer things" in life at age 26. But we start dabbling in them a little earlier than that.

At 24, we start thinking weird cheeses AREN'T that gross. And the average person starts drinking wine at 23, but it takes another two years before we actually appreciate it. And 42% admitted they've bought a bottle just because the label looked nice. 


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