Is Therapy Worth It? You decide in Scott and Sadie's Life Court.

Welcome to a new week. Here's Monday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

I'm a very happy person. I never get depressed unless there's a reason for it, like crappy weather or when life has thrown me a curve. My only other prominent emotion is "annoyance." Yep, I get annoyed easily but I usually laugh at it.

So why therapy? I dunno. I just figured it can't hurt and so many people I know who are happy on the outside say it helps them. So I gave it a shot. Now, I've been down this road years ago when I was breaking up with my fiancé' years ago. But I was frustrated because I wanted answers and didn't really get any.

I schedule a session and here is how it goes...the standard therapy dialog:

Therapist: So what did you want to talk about.

Me: Long answer.

Therapist: So how do you feel about all that.

Me: Struggles to answer.

Therapist: And how does that make you feel?

Me: Gives it a good guess.

Therapist: So why do you think it makes me feel this way.

Me: Uh, sorry. I don't mean to be difficult but we've been doing this for 15 minutes and I've done all the talking.

Look, surprise - I'm frustrated and my annoyance is that I might as well have an app with a recorded voice that asks the same questions over and over.

-How do you feel about that?

-What else is on your mind?

-How long have you felt this way?

-How do you explain your feeling about this?


In Life Court, I thought I'd ask your listeners about therapy. Has it helped them? Should I stick with it? Or am I throwing my money away? Does anyone else have the same experiences?



Okay, god questions. What's your advice for Angie in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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Is Therapy Worth It? You decide in Scott and Sadie's Life Court.

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