GOOD VIBES - Store Returns $1 Million Lottery Ticket To Customer

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What would you do if you had a lottery ticket someone else bought that was worth $1 million, but they would never know you had it? That’s exactly the situation that faced a Massachusetts store owner and their family when a regular customer, Lea Rose Fiega, came into the store and purchased a ‘Diamond Millions’ scratch-off ticket. She scratched it off while still inside the store, then handed it back, asking the store owner's mother to throw it away since it wasn't a winner.

This story gets better. Instead of throwing it away, they threw it onto a stack of other tickets customers had asked them to throw away. Ten days later, they scanned the tickets before getting rid of them and found Fiega hadn’t completely scratched hers off; when they scanned it, it showed the ticket was a $1 million winner. Fiega had asked for it to be thrown away, and now they had a million dollars able to be claimed.

Again, what would you do? Abhi Shah, whose family owns the Lucky Stop store in Southwick where the ticket was left, says he spoke with his family, and they all agreed the ticket should be returned to Fiega, who was a regular customer that the family knew well. The next time she came to the store, they explained and handed her the ticket, where Shah’s father Maunish said “she freaked out and cried like a baby.”

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