NO SURPRISE: The Biggest "Backseat Drivers" in the Family Are...

Remember when you were learning how to drive, and your parent was the BIGGEST "backseat driver"? "Whoa, slow down . . . you turned your blinker on too early . . . you turned your blinker on too late."

Well in a new survey, 2,000 parents were asked who the biggest backseat driver in their family was . . . and 30% said it was their TEENAGER.

(We assume those are 15- to 19-year-olds, because it's REALLY hard to imagine a 13-year-old back there shouting: "No, Dad . . . we're parking DOWNHILL, so pull the handbrake. Then turn the wheels so they're pointing TOWARD the curb.") (???)

23% said it was their spouse or partner. And overall, 73% of people say at least one member of their immediate household is a backseat driver.

When it comes to parents who TAUGHT their kids to drive, 80% admitted that they can become backseat driver when their kids are behind the wheel.

The same poll found that the most common backseat driver behaviors include: Giving unsolicited advice on where to turn . . . complaining about driving too slowly or too fast . . . and yelling "Watch out!" at the sight of pedestrians and animals.


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