Who can compliment whom?! You decide in Life Court.

Here is Thursday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

My wife and I were pulling into our driveway this weekend, when we saw our neighbor's 18-year-old daughter coming out of their house all dressed up for some special occasion. She looked beautiful!

I commented, "Wow! Who's the lucky guy?". You could tell she was flattered. But afterward, my wife said to me, "Honey you sounded like a total pervert out there!". (SIDEBAR: I am NOT 'that' guy. I am happily married and don't make flirtatious comments to other women).

Now, what seems totally unfair is that on another occasion, my wife and I bump into some friends in public who were with their teenage son. They were going to an awards banquet and the young man was dressed in a nice suit. My wife said to their son, "Hey, look at you handsome!".

So if a GUY compliments a younger girl, he's a Harvey Weinstein in the making? But if a woman does the same of a young man, that's just her being sweet?!

I'd like to hear what your listeners think in Life Court.



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Who can compliment whom?! You decide in Life Court.

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